Mother’s Day- Joy and Sadness

Mother’s Day always brings mixed feelings for me. I am incredibly blessed with a wonderful mother, a beautiful little boy, and a baby girl on the way. All of which cause me to feel very thankful. I’ve had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend so far aside from being sick. My husband graduated with his Master’s degree, my in-laws were able to come down for a visit, so we had a lovely time with family.

However, It is hard to forget a time not so long ago when Mother’s Day was one of the hardest days of the year for me. There was a three year period where we struggled with infertility. When we finally did manage to get pregnant, we ended up having two miscarriages before Harrison was born.

For years I avoided this day. Of course I bought my mom something and tried to spend time with her, but the hurt of those losses always hung over the day. I say all of this because I want to remind everyone to pray for and encourage those that have lost mothers, children, suffer from infertility, or have a strained relationship with their mother or child.

You don’t know what a kind word may mean to someone that ‘s really hurting during what should be a time of celebration. Send that card to your friend that lost a loved one. Don’t question why the middle aged couple with out children aren’t in church that Sunday. Take a meal to the mom with a sick kid. Take cookies to the older lady next door that you know doesn’t get any visitors. Do something. Celebrate by going out and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Your mom will be proud of you if you do.


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