Home Again!


Harrison and my Dad dying eggs this year at Easter. It’s a family tradition that Dad and I and now Harrison do it together. Mom hates the mess so she always just boiled the eggs and let Dad deal with the dye. It’s nice to pass this on. I look forward to adding more traditions to our new home!



As you may know, one of the main issues that is dear to my heart is multigenerational living. We have been looking to combine households with my parents for some time now. My Mom’s Parkinson’s is not going to get better, and my dad isn’t getting any younger. We had hoped to buy a house last year, but we could not find one that suited our needs. We have just had a bid accepted on a home that is almost perfect for us. Right now we’re in the process of getting it inspected. Once that clears things should be a go as we’re pre approved for the loan.

The really awesome thing is that my parents are starting to buy into the small homesteading idea. My dad really wants to keep bees, and my mom has asked for us to plant watermelons in the garden. She also wants some indoor fruit trees  like lemons that she can care for.

Mom and I are currently working on how to divide the house up so that we have shared and personal spaces. We are also trying to figure out how to deal with two sets of everything. It won’t be a lot of doubling over since there are separate living areas. Both of us love our dinning sets, but we’re lucky enough to each care more about the other person than the design of the dinning room. The men of the house don’t care as long as we serve meals at regular times.

The layout of the house is good in that we will have our own spaces. The kitchen and dining room will be shared, but even at that if we wanted to have separate meals there is room for my parents to eat in the kitchen while my husband, son, soon to be baby, and I eat in the dinning room. I look for us to eat most of our evening meals together. My part of the family doesn’t eat breakfast other than cereal or granola bars, but I know mom normally makes dad something for breakfast. Mom is home for lunch, and dad is sometimes too while the rest of us are at school or work. We all get on well, so I’m not too worried, but it will be an adjustment.

Have any of you lived multigenerational? If so, what are you tips? What were some issues you faced and how did you resolve them? I’m thinking that open communication and both shared and personal space is key.




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