Life Intrudes

I’ve not blogged in awhile not that many people are following or anything. I mainly started this as a place for me, and if anyone likes it they’re welcome to follow along. Life intrudes on lots of the things that we mean to do for ourselves rather it’s healthy eating, gardening, a manicure, or just finishing that novel that was started a week ago. In this case life has seriously interfered with my blogging.

I teach at a private Christian school, and the last year or more has been spent preparing for the independent accreditation team to come. This consisted of endless meeting and a ton of paper work. I think that the resulting information was really helpful for our school, but it sure did eat up a lot of time!

Our family is also due to expand in August. We’re very excited to welcome this new little life, but I have been SO sick. At the last Dr. appointment I had lost 7 lbs. I’ve also had low iron which nearly put me out. I have never been so tired in my life.

There have been some other changes around the house, but I’ll write about those soon if all goes well, and I don’t die from busyness and tiredness.


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