One Dish Two Ways : Mashed Potatoes to Potato Cakes Addition

One Dish Two Ways

Mashed Potatoes to Potato Cakes Addition

potato cakes

Is there anything that reheats as poorly as mashed potatoes? They’re always overly hot in one spot and cold as ice in another even when you stir them ever thirty seconds or so. I think french fries may be the only thing that is worse reheated. So, what’s a girl to do if she has left over mashed potatoes and doesn’t want to throw them out. My mother’s wonderful answer has always been to make potato cakes. I always loved it when we had left over mashed potatoes as a kid because it meant that I would get potato cakes the next day.

I’m not going to give a recipe for mashed potatoes since I’m sure all of you know how to make them. I will say that instant potatoes won’t work for this. You have to make your mashed potatoes from scratch.

Potato Cakes

The recipe will be general since you never know how many cups of mashed potatoes you’ll have left over!

You’ll need an egg or two, all purpose flour, minced onion, and of course mashed potatoes. You can also add shredded cheddar cheese and cooked bacon chopped into bits, but I prefer mine plan.



I had about a cup and a half to two cups of potatoes left over. I used two heaping tablespoons of all purpose flour (I think I could have done with another tablespoon or so), one egg and half of a small onion minced. I mixed this all together and then scooped out pancake sized servings onto the hot griddle. If you don’t have an electric griddle, you can do this in a little vegetable oil in a skillet. You just have to watch them a bit it takes a minute or so for each side to brown enough to be flipped.

I serve them with ketchup and salt though I skipped the salt this time since my poor husband had over salted the potatoes a little in the first place! I personally think that they taste best at room temperature, but my family has informed me that I’m weird!

potato cakes and berries

Do you have a way to reuse leftover mashed potatoes? What is your favorite recipe redo?


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