weight-scale You may have noticed that my family is trying to get back to real food and making healthier choices all around. The key word in that sentence is trying.  The truth is both my husband and I have a weight problems. I wasn’t raised with the best relationship with food, and I often eat my feelings. I don’t lay the blame for this at anyone’s feet but my own. All I can say is that this move in a healthier direction is hard. It’s one slow step at a time. I knew that trying to overhaul everything we ate all at once wouldn’t be sustainable long term, so we started by making small changes. I gave up soda for the month of June, and I’ve managed to stay on the wagon, but when you’re used to drinking two or so a day that’s a big change. The two a day is actually down from my former habit of four or five a day which I had addressed at least six months ago. We’re hoping to have more children soon, and after a long struggle with fertility issues and miscarriage, I was decidedly nervous. I had a long talk with my Dr. about these issues and he said that many of the problems could be traced back to my weight. This wasn’t really a surprise for me, but the last year or so has been the first time in my life that I’ve been truly ready to make a change.  It’s so hard sometimes though.  Anyway the Dr. asked if I wanted help, and he’s recommending a clinic. It’s not for the surgery, but just for both emotional backup and maybe some things that can help. I have insulin resistance which has manifested itself as PCOS. Considering that both of my parents have type 2 diabetes, it’s more than time that I get things under control.  I don’t want to set up bad habits for my son either. We’ve gone meatless a few times a week, and I try to keep refined carbs to a minimum those nights too. The meals tend to be veggie and bean or cheese or even egg centered. I’ve also tried to center rewards for him around fun activities instead of food. I guess this post is just an effort to be real. I post a lot about healthy food, homesteading, and trying to be outdoors. However, I want my readers to know that I’ve definitely not arrived. If you want to make a change, take small steps, and keep working. There is no shame in not having arrived. Does anyone else out there feel this struggle? How have you sustained changes to your food lifestyle long term? What has been the hardest thing in your journey?


2 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. Oh the challenges we set up to conquer each day. I had made the move to better eating about a decade ago. It’s also a work in progress. We try to not eat anything that has a label, but sometimes a box of granola bars (peanut and nut free of course) make it intone cupboard. We do occasionally have a box of cereal in the cupboard too but it’s often stale dated and ends up being tossed. You’ll get there. I too was raised with a less than healthy relationship with food and Ummm, we don’t all want icecream on a crappy day? Ha! Us women have determination like no other species, and if this is something you really want I have a feeling you’ll arrive, unpack and stay. It won’t be a short visit. The fact that you write openly and honestly about it also says you’re ready … You’ll get there. Keep us posted!!

    I won’t say good luck, it’s not about luck, it’s about you and your family. So, get’er done! 😉


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’m not to the point where labels are that rare in my house, but I am buying a lot more whole foods and trying to cook more from scratch. I’ve done well the last two weeks except for yesterday when I had several mini Reese’s cups, but today is a new day, so I’m back on the wagon. The Reese’s were related to emotional eating. I had a migraine and felt generally useless. I’m hoping to find something to keep me off the sugary food track when I’m doing poorly. Thank you again for the comment. It really did mean a lot to me.


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