Busy Bees, Disappointment, and Raccoons


It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. Honestly, May is one of the wildest months for me as a teacher. I have been a very busy bee. There is so much to do at school as we wrap up the end of the school year. That’s the major reason for the radio silence here at betwixtandbetween.

Another issue has been the fact that things around here have been a bit gloomy. The property we wanted fell through due to the other party which was a major disappointment. This also meant that things got even busier during an already crazy time. We think we’ve found another property. This one has less land, but the layout is better and almost the whole thing is fenced. We’re going to put a bid in on it this week.

The gloominess didn’t end with the property issues. We also lost all of our ducks to a predator. The ducks had free range of our fenced in back yard, and I couldn’t figure out what was eating them. There was no way for a dog or fox to get in, and we’ve not seen a hawk since getting Big Daddy, our gander. We tried several measures to fix the problem including moving the ducks into the garage for several days during which time we set a trap. After a week of catching nothing we figured the predator had moved on, but we left the trap out just in case.  Low and behold we finally caught that darn raccoon. Sadly, she managed to get all of our ducks before we caught her. I was devastated. I know predators are always going to be an issue, and that they are a downside to free ranging (or semifree ranging). We’ve stopped with ducks until we are settled into a new property and can come up with a better housing situation for them. Big Daddy was the only bird to make it. I guess he was just too much for the raccoon to take on, so to avoid his sadness we went out and got him some more companions. We now have three geese for our very happy gander. All of them are American Buff, so we’re still working with a heritage breed which I like. Geese have a tendency to grow on you, but that’s another post.

This post is a bit depressing since not much has been settled yet, but there’s always hope, and I know that there was a reason we didn’t get the first property. If they take the bid on the second and things seem to be going well, I’ll post some pictures. In the mean time we’ll tend to our geese, work on the herb garden, can some fresh local produce, read about bee keeping which my dad really wants to add to the new property, and prepare for homesteading days to come.


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