Little Gardens and Big Dreams

step0003As I’ve said before, we are in the process of moving. It’s such a long process. I can’t wait to get a nice piece of land so we can put in a proper garden. Our back yard right now is heavily treed and slopping. What’s a girl trying to get back to the land to do?

The only answer I could find is a container garden. I thought about doing tomatoes and such, but things are so up in the air right now that even that seemed a bit ambitious. Buying herb plants is about all I can do right now to settle my green thumb desires.

I already had some oregano, chives, and mint on in a pot next to my window, I got lavender, thyme, basil, and sage today. I grabbed a bag of organic soil and transplanted them into containers. I did this last year and my efforts paid off. I was able to dehydrate a lot of the herbs before the end of the season, and of course the oregano, chives, and mint overwintered well for me.

I have lots of nice plans, but I’ve traditionally not done super well with plants. Something always seems to happen. Our first container garden died when we went on holiday and our waterer fell through. Last year went better until the ducks had to be pinned in with the garden (LONG STORY) and devastated it. They ate everything in reach. My tomato plants became sticks; they had no leaves, no tomatoes, NOTHING! I’m hoping that things go better next year.

What are your pro gardening tips? How do you think beginners should start? Does anyone have a favorite gardening book?


One thought on “Little Gardens and Big Dreams

  1. Hello, nice to meet you, thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I think you are doing just the right thing by starting small. I have been gardening for about 25 years, though I only have a smallish space to grow things in. My tips would be to do what you are doing – pick a few things to grow and focus on learning about those and add something else the following year. Herbs are a great place to start. The thing with gardening I’ve found is that you never stop learning – every single year there are vegetables that grow well and some that fail.

    Here in the UK most tomatoes really need a greenhouse to grow well, both to protect them from pests and disease and to keep the temperature constant. They also need to be well-watered.

    Maybe you could find out what grows well from other gardeners in your area?

    A couple of books that I have found helpful are:

    Grow you own vegetables by Joy Larkcom:

    Vegetable growing month by month by John Harrison:

    Though they are written by British gardeners and I’m not sure whether that will matter if you live elsewhere. Good luck with your growing, I look forward to reading more about your journey… and sorry for the super-long comment! 🙂


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