Apologizes and Ice-cream


I don’t like to sugarcoat things, and while I don’t believe in airing all of your dirty laundry, I do believe in authenticity. As I’ve stated before, we are working with my parents to buy a small homestead. The goal of this is to build an apartment on the property for them, so we can be nearby if they need us. 

My Dad was in the Air Force back in the day. This makes him eligible for a VA loan which is why the home is being bought under his name. We are going to pay for 2/3 of the payment each month once our house sells and we move in, and we will use what we make and the equity from the sell of our home to renovate their apartment.

Needless to say getting four strong willed adults on the same page can be trying. My parents are more of the take things as they come type, and my husband and I tend to be bulldogs when we’re trying to get things done. My husband and I are trying to do as much of the leg work for this as possible, but since the loan is in under my parents name they are having to handle quite a bit of paperwork. Apparently I was a little pushy in trying to light a fire under my dad to finish something recently. We had a bit of a spat, but it worked itself out quickly. It’s amazing what being honest and showing respect for another person will do. One thing I love about my family is that we don’t bury our feelings. We share them and deal with any issues that arise head on. Not only is the Biblical way to handle things, it’s also just plain wise. It’s nice always knowing where everyone stands.

I also love that we don’t tend to hold grudges. As I stated before, most of this spat was my doing, but later that evening Dad called up to ask if we wanted to bring the baby over for banana splits. Since we had already worked through any issues we had with each other, and apologizes had been given as needed, the evening was very pleasant. I’m thankful for my parents for a lot of reasons. The more I work and interact with other people, the more I realize what a valuable skill they taught me when they showed me how to handle conflict in a healthy and productive manner.


Has anyone else lived in a multigenerational home? What did you do to help it work well for everyone involved?


2 thoughts on “Apologizes and Ice-cream

  1. I agree with you about handling situations head on and talking things over. BUT, I have had a tendency to ignore things in hopes they blow over without getting into arguments. That doesn’t always happen and sometimes they just fester until one day it all explodes. Life has many lessons to learn. Thanks for the post and good luck with the farm and your parents.


    • I think it’s human nature to go one of those two ways with conflict. It’s hard when there are people you care for involved, and you don’t want to make waves. I think one life lesson is knowing when to pick your battles and which thing you can just let go of and which you have to discuss. Thanks for the comment!


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