A Few of My Favorite Things

The pictures are from one of my favorite places on earth, the Piedmont Triad Farmer’s Market. I enjoyed taking them and playing around with a photo editor to enhance them. Spring is in the air here in North Carolina, and yesterday was the perfect day to hit the farmers market. I looked at flowers that my husband wouldn’t let me buy since I would just kill them. We also walked around looking at the started vegetables and herb plants. I’m dying to put a garden in, but it’s just not feasible for us to do it this year since we are in the process of buying a new home. Therefore, I just dreamed and plotted my plots for next year (thanks whosforabru for the pun) .

We did get a lot of nice fresh produce though. I got kale, okra, sweet corn, apples, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and green beans. I cooked most of it up for dinner when we got home. They all turned out great. You know you’ve done well when your two year old son and devout carnivore husband eat an all veggie dinner without complaint.


I wanted to give the recipes for a few of the things I did.

First of all the okra which was to die for! It was also stupid simple.

Roasted Okra


All you need is:

1. Around 30 pods of okra

2. 2-3 table spoons of olive oil

3. Garlic salt to taste

4. A cookie sheet

Preheat your oven to 450F. Slice the caps off the okra pods and then slice the pods in half. Toss the pods in the oil and garlic salt. Spread them out in one layer on the cookie sheet and bake in the preheated oven for around 10 minutes turning once halfway through. I like my roasted veggies on the crunchy side so I actually cooked them for closer to 15 minutes, but I know I’m an odd duck, so check them at 10 and see if they need more.

The second recipe I’m going to give is for Kale and Dandelion Greens. This is less of a specific recipe and more of a how to guide. I have my mother’s horrible habit of not measuring anything ever…..

Kale and Dandelion Greens


What you need:

1. Skillet large enough for your amount of greens. My husband won’t eat greens, so I used my small cast iron skillet since it was just for Harrison and me.

2. Olive oil or bacon grease- I used olive oil yesterday, but it was only because I didn’t have any bacon or bacon grease in the house. I felt like a bad southern cook.

3. Kale and Dandelion greens though the process should work well for most any green.

4. 1 onion- I used half a normal onion and several of the wild onions that I picked the other day.

Process- Heat the oil over medium heat, add in the chopped onion and allow it to cook down a bit. Start adding in the greens slowly letting each handful cook down before adding more. Continue this process until all of the greens are wilted. Add salt if you wish and serve.

The farmers market often proves to be the next best thing for those of us in a situation where a large garden isn’t possible for whatever reason. Find your local market. Make connections with your food. Eat local and fresh, and enjoy. You won’t regret it. What are your favorite spring and summer vegetable recipes?


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