Dandelions, Duck Eggs, and Dinner


There are so many yummy things to be found in the average yard. I’ve wanted to forage for awhile, and I finally gave it a go this evening. Look at what was growing in my front lawn!


My husband and I sometimes eat after the little guy goes to bed, so tonight he had a slightly different dinner. I scrambled one of our duck eggs, toasted a bagel for him, and made a salad using the wild onions and dandelions along with a few other veggies. He loved it. I was just thrilled to have sourced so much of it from out own yard. The dinner looked pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

It’s funny, but when people find out that we raise laying ducks the first thing they always ask is, “What do the eggs taste like?” Since we feed our ducks regular chicken feed along with allowing them to free range in the back yard, the eggs taste like what you would buy in the grocery store. Actually, that’s not true. I think they taste better.From what I’ve read, duck eggs can taste a bit fishy if they’re fed waterfowl feed, but I can’t detect a difference in our duck’s eggs and free range chicken eggs. Though they taste the same to me, they look a little different. The duck egg is larger and the yolk is a bit more orange.


My husband and I had the same salad, but we had lasagna for our main meal. There was so much left that we’ll be having it for several more days. It was so nice to try these new foods. I’d never had dandelion greens or wild onions before, but they were both yummy. The onions are STRONG, so just a little goes a long way. Dandelion greens tasted a bit bitter, but they did well mixed with romaine.  There were also some violets in the yard. Actually, there were a ton of them. I’ve read that violets can be used for lots of different recipes but they were just so pretty that I couldn’t bring myself to “harvest” any today. Maybe, I’ll do it next time.

Harrison looks so cute surrounded by them!


My tiny foraging experiment was a resounding success. I would encourage others to try it, but of course make sure you do it safely. Don’t eat anything you’re unsure of. Find a good field guide, or even better take a class in wild edibles.I know that I’m going to try to get some more training in this now since the first try went so well.

Go out! Try new things. Be adventurous. I just hope you don’t end up making a face like this: 11100235_10204160094748047_6523904743186201165_n

He had insisted on trying the onion all by itself. I just gave it a good wash and he bit into it. A moment later he was letting me know very clearly that it was hot!


3 thoughts on “Dandelions, Duck Eggs, and Dinner

    • They are delicious, but at least you get to be in New England while you wait on them. I love that area and would move to the North in a heartbeat if the opportunity afforded itself. We often vacation off of the coast of Lubec on Campobello Island, and I think it may be the most peaceful beautiful area in all of God’s creation.


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