Easter the Mundane and the Divine

We had our duck for dinner. It was disappointing. I’m hoping that it’s just how we cooked him, but I’m not seeing a full flock of meat birds in our near future if this is how they turn out. If any rugged homesteading type has some tips for this, please let me know.Luckily my mother made a lovely ham too, so we didn’t go hungry. We just had a nice potato casserole and green beans along with few other sides. Our family has a terrible habit of making a ridiculous amount of food for holidays, so my mom and I agreed to cut Easter back to the basics this year. There wasn’t even dessert  although my son’s Easter basket candy may have been raided.

Harrison liked his basket. 18530_10204079843417486_4235468393942169012_n

Sadly, we weren’t able to go to church. The little guy had an ear infection that roared back to life early Saturday morning with a raging fever and intense pain. He was doing better today, but I didn’t want to push him. We did the Resurrection story together as a family this morning, and then he did his basket. I love how little it takes to thrill a two year old child. I paid three dollars for this little fishing pole with magnetic fish to catch, and you would have thought he won the lottery when he saw it. All in all it was a nice relaxing Easter day.

I try to reflect in the weeks leading up to Easter. I started doing a Lent devotional last year which is really weird considering my hard core Baptist background. In case you don’t know, Baptist aren’t really into Lent, but I liked how it centered my thoughts around Christ, his life, and his love for us. Easter is about a beautiful message. It’s likely a lovely idea/story to many of those that don’t believe, but it’s the word of life for those of us that do. New life is celebrated across all cultures, and I view the hatching of eggs and opening of flowers as great reminders from our Creator that life has its lovely moments and that his mercies are always ready for us. Have a happy Easter and a lovely spring.

Harrison wanted to share what he learned about Easter this year too.


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