A Little About Me!

The nightly news says I’m a part of the sandwich generation. According to Pew Research Center, I’m supposed to be around 45, but alas I was a late life surprise to my parents. This means that at 30, I’m fairly young to be caught in the middle of my aging parents, mom at  68 and dad at 78, and my two year old son. We are currently working as a family to find a home in which my Mom and Dad can live with my husband, son, and me. This seems to be a slow process since all parties agree there needs to be some separation of space. In other words if my mother and I have to share a kitchen blood may be shed. I think it’s healthy that we acknowledge this.

I started this blog because I honestly feel rather stuck sometimes. I think this is a feeling common to women, rather they feel stuck between home and work, parents and children, or even relational self and personal identity. I know that I often feel stuck in all of those situations. It doesn’t help that I’m politically fairly moderate, and my entire sphere of friends and family or either hard core Reaganite Republicans or staunchly adhere to then entire progressive platform.  All I can say is that it’s often lonely in the middle.

In my daily life I’m a teacher, mother, wife, daughter, crafter, avid reader, cook, wanna be hobby farmer, and fangirl. Like most of you, I wear a lot of hats! I’m hoping that this blog can be an outlet for both my passions and perplexedness. You’ll see a mix of recipes, heart felt rants, child activities, tips for dealing with aging loved ones, and anything else that I might find useful. Oh and ducks! I have a thing for ducks.